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Meet SupplyDiva Founder, Laura

Hello! Today we meet and chat with the founder of SupplyDiva, Laura. Learn about how SupplyDiva got started, what our mission is, and our hopes for the future. Watch the full interview here: Laura began SupplyDiva in 2012. She learned of a recent high school graduate who was #1 in her class yet was working hard days in the corn fields for very little pay. Laura decided she could teach jewelry making skills to this young woman, thus empowering her to be self sufficient and enjoy more independence. From there she realized that with the knowledge and abilities at her disposal she could create a whole community! (Laura with her pug dog, Coco) Laura and her Husband retired to a...

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How Metal Sheets and Blanks are Textured using a Friction Press

Watch our new video to see how we texture sheet metal and metal blanks for jewelry making. We have a large selection of patterns and designs!  The story of our friction press from SupplyDiva founder Laura. I knew we wanted one, as it could do all kinds of work and produce items that I found extremely interesting. I knew that if I found these items this fascinating so would others! I started searching for one, I am located in Mexico and it is not so easy here like it is in the US. Here everything basically is word of mouth. After searching for 3 months I found one about 400 miles away. I didn’t know the condition but being this...

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