How to Mix Resin for Making Jewelry

Welcome! We have just released a basic guide with tips for mixing resin. This how to comes in advance of our next how to guide, using bezel settings to set dried flowers! Keep an eye out for our next video.

Today LLuvia will guide us through what you need to get started!

LLuvia Brito pouring resin for making jewelry


We use little cups and a tiny spatula to mix our resin.

Small plastic cups and spatula used to mix resin

Probably more difficult than mixing resin, you have to decide which brand of resin you would like to use. Each brand of resin has a different mix ratio, we used one that is a 50/50 combination. In this video we used Ice Resin, and I'm really happy with the results!

Resin being combined before mixing

Once combined the resin is mixed for two minutes. As you begin to mix the coloring changes and you can see it start to incorporate. When it is fully mixed it will be clear again.

Finished mixed resin

Some brands will tell you to let the resin rest for a period of time before you begin using it. Once it's mixed and rested you are ready to begin your journey into the world of resin jewelry. It's a truly fascinating medium for jewelry making. It can be used to set art prints and photos in bezels, dried flowers, alcohol ink, and cabochons painted with alcohol ink. You can really encase anything in resin, sand, seashells, lacquered insects, wood, computer parts, stamps, vintage paper, lace, and even your leftover resin! Let this medium inspire you to create something beautiful!