DIY Pendants - Setting Dried Flowers in Bezel Settings with Resin

Learn how to set dried flowers in a bezel setting with resin. Make your own wearable art, it's fun and easy! Another nice detail is that your don't need a lot of equipment and tools. Just some basics, cups for mixing, a stirring utensil,  resin, dried flowers, and bezel settings. Watch our new video to see how, and if you enjoy this video subscribe to see our new releases!

Today LLuvia from SupplyDiva walks us through the basics of working with dried flowers and resin.

LLuvia working with Resin for Jewelry

We begin with our premixed resin, see how at our previous blog post. We have a few brass bezel settings and LLuvia has arrainged dried flowers, leaves, and some butterfly wings.

Adding resin to a jewelry bezel 

Begin by slowly dripping resin into the bezel, you want to do this slowly to avoid bubbles forming or accidentally spilling resin onto your work surface. For a work surface you could use a mat, newspaper, or any surface you aren't worried about damaging. 

Dripping resin into a bezel pendant

It's also important to make sure your materials are fully dried, moisture can lead to more bubbles. Certain organic materials should be sealed first, as you will see later the butterfly wings I use loose some of their color and definition because I did not seal them first. 

Butterfly in resin for a bezel pendant

As you can see here, the organic materials are not fully covered by the resin. I applied another layer of resin to cover the flowers fully and give my pendant a domed shape. You will want to make sure all of your organic materials are fully covered, and that the resin makes contact will the entire edge of your bezel setting. 

Flowers and leaves set in a bezel setting with resin

Resin is really fun and easy to work with! I hope this inspires you to get crafty!

Bezel settings for resin jewelry

These oval bezel pendants have nice deep bezels, lots of room for organic material! Perfect if you are using flowers that haven't been pressed!